Perineal Cool PadsPerineal Cool Pads

Perineal tears, vaginal pain or C-Section discomfort are an unfortunate fact of life after childbirth, but all can be naturally soothed with Medichill’s Perineal Cool Pads.

Our pads can also be used to provide cooling comfort to relieve the itching and burning symptoms of a yeast infection (thrush) or to safely soothe engorged breasts while breastfeeding (mastitis).

Cool Cubes for Children

Children Run, Play, Fall, and Cry, but with Cool Cubes for Children, they recover and smile quicker. The Cool Cubes provide soothing pain relief for playtime bumps, bruises, stings and bites, getting the children back to class faster.

Cold therapy first aid is an effective and safe pain relief treatment for children. Medichill's Cool Cubes are flexible, comfortable and completely safe to use both in schools and at home.




Facial Trauma Pack

Dental Ice Pack

The Cool Cubes Bilateral Facial Trauma Pack is a comfortable, hands-free and lightweight cold therapy solution for post wisdom tooth extraction or facial surgery.

Recommended by dentists and oral surgeons worldwide to soothe, relieve and reduce the pain and swelling caused by toothache, tooth extractions, painful wisdom teeth, maxillofacial surgery and cosmetic procedures.




Orthopaedic Ice Wrap

Orthopaedic Ice Wrap

The Cool Cubes Orthopaedic Ice Wrap (Ice Bandage) is used to help speed up recovery following a knee replacement, hip replacement or shoulder surgery. The large ice wrap is flexible and lightweight, making it easy for patients to use without assistance. Cold therapy can be used to ease pain and swelling around the joint and to the incision site. Use heated for Contrast Thermal therapy during later stages of rehabilitation.

Also suitable for small soft tissue and large sports injuries like hamstrings, quadriceps as well as chronic back and neck conditions.





neck cooler

Neck Cooler

Providing comfort and cool relief from the draining effects of either ambient or body generated heat. Ideal for people working in warm environments, chronic sufferers of MS and the debilitating effects of menopausal hot flushes.

One of the key recommendations from The Royal Women's Hospital in Melbourne, “is the use of a cold compress on the back of your neck” and that is where a Medichill Neck Cooler can greatly improve your feeling of wellbeing.




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